OACHY is on a mission to reinvent the way you shop not only for wedding party dress but for special occasion dresses. We believe that everyone should know the production process of each dress – all the while being desirable. Our unique platform matches your needs to the skilled craftsmanship of a small group of artisan tailors and ships that one-of-a-kind dress right to your door.


Our ecommece experience with our passion for dress and clothing. After quit the job, we manged ecommerce, high-end beauty products weren’t our passion.

We were always interested in the art of wedding, prom dress and other products. We specialized in developing and manufacturing desirable and fitness products include prom dress, wedding dress, evening dress, women clothing and other accessories products.



We spend months finding the best factories around the world—the very same ones that produce your favorite designer labels. We visit them often, and build strong personal relationship with the owners.

This hands-on approach is the most effective way to ensure a factory’s integrity. As an added assurance we also require stringent workplace compliancy paperwork.



We believe a customers have the right to know what their products cost to make. At OACHY we reveal our true costs, and then we show you our markup.

In addition retail a designer dress is marked up 8x by the time it reaches the customer. By being online only, we eliminate brick-and-mortal expenses and pass these savings on to you.



Our brand is dedicated to professional craftsmanship and precise customization, where each dress is cut and sewn to fit your exact measurements. All of our dresses whether standard or custom-sized are made to order, so you’ll know on your special day that the dress was made just for you.



Each product tells a story. It represents its creator-the meaning behind the design and cultural identity.

We have now recorded a story about the product design.

Probably I loved the beautiful mermaid so much that I dreamed of her sultry looks. In my dream, she wears soft and beautiful dress, silently looking at the moon at the sea level. This wonderful image was deeply imprinted in my mind. When I wake up, I can’t wait to write down the emotions at that time. The idea about making a mermaid dress was born...

With sea waves surging and lively and mermaid princess’s romantic and elegant, how to blend this two feelings together is suitable?

I am thinking about it time to time, it is better to wear the beautiful dress in two ways. These requirements can be met. If you want the mermaid’s fantastic romantic and graceful figure, you can wear the light vintage dress with lace. The slightly hollow effect must be very beautiful. If you with a youth or princess mind, you can wear the navy blue skirt which looks like the waves. At that moment, you will present a image of the goddess of the sea with the elegant and refined temperament. Nobody does it better. Considering about it, I have the final conclusion and idea about the dress. Let us expect the most gorgeous mermaid dress which can be wear in two ways.

I want to find a navy blue with the ocean sentiment. I went to the fabric market many times but there are not the satisfied color. Finally, I decided to do by myself. Using the colorant test 8, 9 times to render the water blue’s fantasy and lightness. Hold it on my hand, there are lightness of the sky and fantasy of the sea.

Apron dress have it’s own romantic style so at the first time it’s look like the mermaid wears apron dress. In order to make every bride can keep more slender waist and posing in the wedding day, I especially add numerous bone at the waist, at that time the bride must be great elegant.

Wear this dress, you are the mermaid princess. Be elegant and let the ocean and spray with your company.



Have you ever seen a process that a garment from fabrics into clothes? Are you interested in this kind of process? Are you interested in how to finished a piece of clothing? We picked up some photos of the production process. You can learn the complete production process of the dress.



As we know, the dress can be made by many kinds of fabrics. We have tulle, Charmeuse, Organza, Lace, Taffeta, Satin, Chiffon and so on. We have all of the fabrics to meet your requirements.



We have many beautiful styles and all of them are eye-catching. There are sweetheart, halter, V-neck, off-shoulder, straight-cross, semi-sweetheart, asymmetric, queen annie, high neck, bateau, jewel, illusion, square, scoop neck and others. You can choose the style which is suit for you. It will make you more elegant and beautiful.

A production process of the dress

I’ve always wanted to do a pure A line lace dress. While enjoy the afternoon sunshine, she drawn out her pale sketches.

Today’s work is trim the lace fabric. I’m study a better arrangement way of the lace with the row of applique master. I want to give you a little different surprise.

Manual positioning and ranging the lace applique of the dress, it uses a variety of applique’s overlaying which make the lace pattern looks more flush.

I was really excited at the moment I finished my job because I have done what the dress should be like. At the dinner, I ate hot pot to reward myself.

It is can not help but to use the company’s camera to record this wedding dress each small details of the beautiful. Suddenly I found the simple and pure beauty have the power to touching one’s emotion.

I personally made a beautiful lace veil to match this wedding dress. Hope it will be better.

Finally, the detachable court train was finished. I called her Jane Eyre because she looks like as pure, simple and elegant as the love.




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